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How to find job opportunities in Türkiye and what difficulties can be faced

QMany young people are wondering how to find job opportunities in Türkiye? Is it easy or difficult? Are there hidden issues or not? How do I work legally? What are the difficulties that can be encountered? Will I have preference as an Arab person or not? In this article, we will explain all of the above, in addition to the most important other things.

What are the difficulties of finding job opportunities in Türkiye?

1- Language difficulty:

There are several difficulties in finding job opportunities in Turkey, perhaps the most prominent of which is proficiency in the Turkish language, since the Turks often do not speak any other languages, but this is not the only problem. There are also many difficulties that you will not know if you do not have acquaintances who have lived through the experience before you.

2- Difficulty choosing a city:

The city of Istanbul is the first and main destination for anyone looking for a job in Turkey because of the cultural diversity, the abundance of tourism and medical tourism, and the large number of foreigners, but if you choose Istanbul to work, then living will be expensive compared to the rest of the cities, and if you choose any other cities or even Asian Istanbul, the living will be cheaper, but Finding a job is more difficult. And you can notice this matter, as even the Turks themselves come to Istanbul from all other cities to find a job opportunity.

3- Difficulty finding work in the same field as yours:

After you move to live in Turkey, you will be forced to find a job quickly because of the high cost of living, but most of the job opportunities that exist are call centers, customer service, selling products, tourism and travel, real estate and everything that is telemarketing or direct, and it may be finding a job opportunity in The same field or specialization is more difficult than expected, or it forces you to change your field of work and start from scratch.

4- The difficulty of the laws:

Here we are not talking about the laws being difficult for you, on the contrary, the laws are difficult for the employer to guarantee all your rights. What are these laws?

  • The employer must provide you with a work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor.
  • The employer must adhere to the minimum wage as imposed by the Turkish government, which is variable annually
  • Your employer must pay monthly health insurance on your behalf
  • The employer must transfer your salary through the bank to ensure that your salary reaches you and to ensure that it matches the minimum wage in Turkey
  • The employer must submit a request to the Ministry of Labor, the content of which is why he wants to hire you, and that it is within the conditions specified for foreign labor.

What is the work permit in Türkiye?

The work permit is a card issued by the Ministry of Labor to the worker or employee who has fulfilled all the conditions specified by the Ministry, which we will explain later. This card guarantees all the rights of the foreign worker in Turkey.

How to apply for a work permit in Türkiye?

The application for a work permit card is made exclusively through the accountant of the company in which you work.

What are the papers required to apply for a work permit in Türkiye?

A valid residence card, tourist residence for all nationalities, or a temporary protection document for Syrians under the protection clause, new personal photos that must be less than 6 months old, a work contract that meets government standards.

What is the minimum wage in Türkiye for the year 2023?

Every year the minimum wage in Türkiye rises according to the cost of living
In the year 2020, the minimum monthly salary is 2.324.70 Turkish liras.
In the year 2021, the minimum monthly salary will be 2.825.90 Turkish liras.
In the year 2022, the minimum monthly salary will be 5.500.35 Turkish liras.
In the year 2023, the minimum monthly salary will be 11.402 Turkish liras.

What is the value of SGK work permit insurance in Türkiye for the year 2023?

Also, the value of work permit insurance is variable annually and is determined by the Turkish government at the beginning of each year. In the year 2023, the insurance amount will be 2.179.86 Turkish liras, which the employer must pay monthly, and not the worker or employee.

What are the conditions for accepting a foreign employee by the Ministry of Labor to obtain a work permit card?
  • The company is licensed.
  • That 5 Turkish people work in return for hiring each foreign person
  • The foreigner must have any type of residence permit in Türkiye
What are the exceptions to obtaining a work permit card?

According to the second condition that we mentioned earlier, which is the employment of 5 Turkish people for each foreigner, there is an exception to this clause, which is the foreigner’s possession of additional skills or certificates that are binding on the employer and are not available in Turkish people registered to work in the Ministry of Labor, for example: that the owner of the company wants an employee of his mother tongue It is Arabic, and that he masters French and English well. Here, the second item falls if the worker fulfills these conditions

Can I work without a work permit in Türkiye?

Yes, of course, you can work without a work permit, but illegally, and also the largest percentage of companies do not want to work for them under a work permit, why?

  • To evade the monthly health insurance payment that we mentioned earlier
  • To evade the minimum wage in Türkiye and give you a salary less than the minimum
  • To evade the clause of hiring 5 Turkish people for every foreigner
  • For not guaranteeing your rights in the event of anything happening

What are my rights when I have a work permit in Türkiye?

  • Ensuring your right to be the lowest salary you receive in compliance with Turkish laws.
  • You have health insurance.
  • The employer’s inability to fire you from work when any change occurs or your work ends with you, because you can file a lawsuit in the event of your dismissal before the end of the contract period.
  • Your material compensation if you complete 600 working days, we will talk about it later.
  • Paid and unpaid annual holidays.
  • Ensure your fixed working hours and your monthly holidays.

What are the financial compensations if I complete 600 working days in Türkiye?

In the event that you have completed 600 working days with the presence of a work permit card, and in the event that you stop working after that, you can submit a request for compensation, which is a salary for a period of six months, which will be cut off while you find a new job. This salary is relative to your previous salary when you were working for the last 4 months of work, and the compensation salary is 60% of the average salary of the last 4 months.

Suppose that in the last 4 months of your work you were paid, a wage of 2000 within 3 months and in the fourth month your salary became 2500 pounds, the average total is calculated:

2000+2000+2000+2500=8500 , 8500/4=2125 , 2125*60%=1275

So the compensation will be 1275 pounds per month for a period of 6 months.

How can I find job opportunities in Türkiye?

1- Finding job opportunities in Türkiye through social media

You can search on Facebook for job opportunities within Arab groups, such as finding job opportunities in Turkey or jobs for Arabs in Istanbul and others, or through the Jobs feature on Facebook.

2- Finding job opportunities in Türkiye through job opportunities sites

There are many job opportunities sites, but let us mention the most important ones for Arabs in Türkiye:

Benefit in addition to a work permit in Türkiye for Syrians exclusively

There is an additional benefit for the Syrian nationality exclusively in the event that the worker has a work permit card, with which he works for a period of 12 months or more, his name can automatically be nominated for Turkish citizenship within the decision to obtain Turkish citizenship in exceptional cases.

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